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What Is Histology?

The science of Histology is the process of studying the microscopic anatomy of cells in flora and fauna by sectioning areas of tissue and staining them to enhance their visibility under the scrutiny of an electronic microscope.

As a research discipline, Histology is vital to the fields of biology and medicine.

About Us

Hawthorn Histology was established in 1986 and is a privately run independent Histology laboratory.

Our senior Histologist, Ian Boundy, (DIP M.L.T – RMIT University) has over four decades experience in the field of Histology. He is one of the foremost authorities on the processes involved in creating breathtakingly beautiful samples and slided, many of which are sought after the world over for their teaching merits.

Ian is well versed in technical knowledge, and our laboratory is on the frontline in pioneering new innovative methods and procedures to continuously improve and grow the discipline as it moves further into the digital age.

He has worked side by side with scientists and research fellows at the Universities of Melbourne, Monash, LaTrobe, RMIT, Swinburne, Victoria and Canberra. He has undertaking valuable research at the MIMR, WEHI and Prince Henries Institutions. His contributions to the field of medicine have also been invaluable, working alongside doctors, nurses and surgeons at the Cabrini and Southern Memorial hospitals, in addition to acting as a consultant to numerous private pathology labs.

Ian’s most recent consultation was with Monash University, to aid them in the setup of their multi-million dollar Synchrotron, a device for analysing Histological samples.

[We have NATA accreditation and are registered with the RCPA Quality Assurance Program.]

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